Since the Indian Valley Civilization, when people just learned the weaving, the most elegant dress emerged from that time is Saari. For any woman, her wardrobe can’t be completed without a Saari. We have seen the evolution of apparel industry and fashion statements changing but one fashion remains constant and that is Saari. It provides a grace to a woman’s personality and that’s why it remains main choice for women not only from India but all over South Asia.

Styles keep changing. Indian women often fall in and fall out of love with various dresses – salwar suits, churidar kamez, anarkalis, lehengas and even western outfits like skirts and tops, jeans & shirts, dresses, palazzos, etc. graceful women remain loyal to Saaris. However, Sarris have not remained staple outfit for Indian women like in older days, but it is still the most preferred dress of Indian women. To keep the popularity of these 4 meters of dress intact, modern designers are coming up with innovative designs and versions of sarees such as leghnga sarees or the sari-gowns.  

According to Prerna, “classic style lives on and trends fade”.

The most admired and always in demand Saari have number of varieties according to style and fabric used. Prerna who admire Saari for its simplicity and unmatchable elegance told “she likes all the versions but few of them are my favorite.

Here is the list of her favorite saris which she thinks every woman must have. And lastly, she says saree will never go out of fashion because it’s not a fashion but it’s a necessity, that’s why it will never go out of fashion.