It has been said over and over “a man is known by his shoes”. But what about women; how people would judge a woman by her looks or by her dress? Isn’t there any single criteria? The answer is no. Women usually have a personality which continues to expand so her choices. Dresses are a statement of personality. It is only women who have different attires for different occasions. However, what type of clothes a woman should wear still remains an uphill task. The trick is simple; your style statement should go with your personality not the other way.

There is a growing pressure on women to have latest trending dresses and never ending sell on websites like Amazon/Flipkart put extra pressure to buy more. Here is where they are deceived. I have seen women wearing sari and putting a winter shawl over that giving them stunning appearances. It’s not the dress but the personality which shines. Make your own style statement but never let go off your comfort and grace. If you are more comfortable in a sari then wear it. There is nothing wrong with it. But don’t go in the mad race where everyone is trying to outdone each other. You are what you are.

One of the truly great pleasures of women’s fashion and a major reason why I will always defend fashion against charges of anti-feminism – is how it allows women to enjoy themselves and try out different looks and just have some gosh-darned fun.

Remember that if you are going to spend your hard earned money on latest garments, at least you should enjoy the garment and feel comfortable. Never buy a dress which you won’t like but think someone else will. You dress is a statement and it shouldn’t be dictated by someone else.

How to know which apparel suits me the most?

There is absolutely no ultimate answer to this question. The funny thing is that any dress which makes you feel and look good too, just go for it. The first puzzle to solve in this regard is to figure out what shape or type of body so you can play up your best features:

Body shape is all about proportion and fashion is all about dressing those portions to look best. Focus on shape not on height and weight while choosing a dress. Just as a slander girl can have the same body type as curvy girl, similarly a tall girl can have the same body structure as short woman.

Everyone is unique so their body type. Nevertheless, body types are differentiated into five categories: 1. Pear 2. Wedge 3. Rectangle 4. Apple 5. Hourglass. You may fall into one category or may be blend of two.

Once you know the body type, you can start considering which fashion to embrace and which to avoid. Spend some time in front of the mirror and do an honest assessment of your body.

I will explain body types and best suited clothes in the next section till then stay tuned at mheinsipration. You can also check out our mheinspiration sarees if you are looking for bollywood style sarees.