Prerna Sharma Bhatia

Prerna Sharma Bhatia born and brought up in Delhi is a motivational speaker, life coach, image enhancer and an emerging entrepreneur. She is also, a certified Workshop Leader and Trainer, and an Energy Healer. She was chosen Mrs. India Queen of Substance and Mrs. Glamorous in 2016. She has transformed herself from being a housewife to a celebrity speaker and her journey, according to her “has been a miraculous journey”. She speaks her mind and has been chosen among the top 25 ‘Innovators and Achievers’ – a book recently published by Rahil Publications. She aspires and shares her knowledge with everyone and wants to teach everyone of how anyone can transform themselves to become extraordinary from ordinary through ‘mhe inspiration’. She has changed numerous lives through her mhe inspiration.

Her Journey

Born into an upper middle class family, she showed great potential in studies as well as group activities during her schooldays. She completed her B.Sc and M.Sc from Delhi University and later completed her BA (CIE) before starting her career as a teacher. It was not exactly what she wanted to do but it was her father’s wish to see her as a teacher. She didn’t know that time what she wanted to do with her life but wherever she went, she spread happiness around the people. Apart from being a good teacher, she always enquired and showed a great interest in children’s well being. The children loved her and enjoyed talking to her because she never presented herself as teacher but rather as a friend. But there was something inside her which kept telling her that you should do more for this society and help people in self-realization. She was till now living someone else’s life and the feeling became stronger which wanted to express and manifest but she didn’t know how. It was the year of 2008 when she saw the advertisement of Misses India contest and went into the details of it. This was the time when she started to question herself and the journey towards the self realization began.

She mastered Image Management in 2013. This course taught her how the appearance of hers was impacting on herself, on others and the achievement of her goals. It changed her perspective of seeing the world and she worked on her appearances. She still didn’t know where she was heading for but definitely now she says “it was a wise decision”. She later delved herself into studies and read a great length of literature to understand the wisdom hidden inside of it. She didn’t know that time how fast her life was evolving but she later realized that it was “Power of Pure Intent”, which was working in her favor. In the same year, she also joined a one year program of Life-Coach – which helped her to understand how she could help people going through the same problem – living someone else’s life.

One day while browsing internet, she saw the advertisement of Femina Misses India Contest 2016. How come a housewife without any modeling background would compete with the contestants? Having no friends from this glamorous world didn’t stop her taking the crown of Mrs. India crown. The world was welcoming her with open hands. She diced with celebrities and even interviewed important personalities. Whoever saw her couldn’t believe that she didn’t have media background. She was at ease, composed and serene wherever she made her appearance. The reason of her success was simply in her believe of “Power of Dreams”. She was living this dream for a long time in her mind but this time it manifested. Now, she understood that she was having this dream for a long time perhaps, since 2008. The difference this time was she was not what she was 8 years back. It was a new Prerna – full of dreams and commitment where her goals had become crystal clear. Now, she wants to give back, after all, “giving is the most selfish act”.

She believes that one’s own experience and self-realization is most important aspect of life. She doesn’t want to hide this knowledge thus she has created ‘mhe Inspiration’ – “The Kingdom of God lies within us”. Through this platform, she shares her knowledge and help people to come over fears and realize their ultimate dream. A number of people have benefited through her workshops.

If you also want to live the life you were meant for, Join mhe inspiration and see the change yourself.