I still remember meeting Prerna for the first time at the gala event of a social function. Her zeal to serve the humanity in every possible way is just incomparable. She has been associated with our Rehab Centre since 2014, where poor and destitute children get education and learn life skills. She not only donates but inspires children to do more. Her presence makes them cheerful and delightful. She has a constant energy supply which makes even the surroundings, energetic. Her insights on life not only inspire the children but everyone alike. Her constant support to our cause has helped us a lot. Her life coaching skills is also just incomparable and she has many a times helped me to overcome the challenges in my life.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you, Prerna.

Amandeep Singh

Co-founder, National Organisation for Social Empowerment

Knowing people is one thing : understanding them another, talking to them at a platform where its no longer about individual is learning. Speaking and knowing Prerna takes one onto the third level.

Prerna has been an individual who has created a space for herself and others in a crowd effortlessly and ensured people can do the same.

Aditya Vij

Entrepreneurs, Educationist, Collector.

It was an absolute pleasure listening to your motivational speech on you tube. I could have listened to you longer, as it made me like a virtual live session which is inspirational and enjoy able, I would definitely look up to listening more of this and could use that skills for my professional life as well. Your customization of the presentation of views made the difference and made the message that more impact ful. It is rare that speaker makes such a lasting impression.

Sanjeev Kaushal

Chief General Manager, Surya Roshni Ltd.

“mhe” inspiration is one platform which is sure to take one on its transformational journey.Prerna being a life coach , image enhancer and motivational speaker makes sure that betterment of life of a person happens at all possible level of ones existence be it physical ,mental, spritual or emotional.

Being winner of Mrs glamorous in Mrs India queen of substances she stands a true example of spritual being wrapped in beautiful and approprite outward projection of self image.

A beautiful inside out person and coach .

Vinay Yadawa

Founder Director, Mrs INDIA Earth

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Gulraj Singh Sahpuri

“mhe inspiration “, by prerna , surely is here to help people bring out their hidden potential. Prerna is a individual herself who is blessed with the talent of transforming lives and is passionate about what she does. Her ability and commitment to help individuals from inside out is commendable . She focuses not only on the mind and soul, but also makes sure the external appearance matches the inside . A coach , that i would truly recommend to train under.

Being her coach I can vouch for her that she would live up to my mission to make this world a better place.

Love and best wishes to her.

Ramon llamba

Life coach, Golden age transformation (Director)